Becky is one of us & will work for each of us!

Becky Troutman is a dedicated resident of Lakeland, whose professional journey has been deeply rooted in her commitment to serving others within the community. Her multifaceted career spans education, corporate training, school psychology, and even real estate.

Becky is not only a skilled professional with a diverse knowledge base but also a compassionate community leader who dedicates her time and expertise to making Polk a better place for everyone. Her tireless commitment to her community, professional experiences and her entrepreneurial spirit truly set her apart.

With Becky Troutman’s leadership, we’ll work tirelessly to pursue partnerships and foster economic growth, guide intentional growth aligned with Polk’s identity, preserve our land and natural resources for future generations, keep our residents and business safe, and manage infrastructure to provide for efficiency in our daily lives. 

A Plan for Polk

Pursue Diverse Economy

  • Attract high skill/ high wage job; ensuring every resident has job opportunities or career paths granting them access to their American dream
  • Retain and expand our existing business landscape, from small enterprises to larger corporations
  • Collaborate with our local educational institutions to foster a robust talent pipeline, readying our residents with skills and knowledge needed to excel in emerging industries

Plan for Polk’s Future

  • Review and update Polk’s comprehensive plan; take swift and determined action to overhaul the plan of 1991
  • Establish development standards aligned with our present and future needs
  • Ensure a variety of residential options to make home ownership achievable for every resident

Preserve Resources

  • Identify and protect lands unique to Polk County; preserve the essence and cherished legacy of ‘Imperial Polk County’
  • Guarantee water availability for our future
  • Make certain the maximum millage is maintained for the preservation of environmental lands

Provide Safe Communities

  • Sustain our Historic 51-year low crime rate by prioritizing funding for law enforcement
  • Ensure Polk County can recruit and retain exceptional first responders
  • Uphold our commitment to safe communities, making Polk County the location for businesses and industries to thrive

Manage Infrastructure

  • Address the pressing need of our current roadways
  • Prioritize and fund roadways for the future of Polk County
  • Collaborate with local municipalities to ensure consistent infrastructure development in adjoining regions

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